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Poultry Equipment

Lehman Sales Associates LLC is a leader in the poultry processing industry, supplying new and used poultry processing equipment to plants across North America and around the world. We can provide your poultry operation with food processing machinery to assist you in every step, from the transportation of the live product, to the kill, to the food processing, to the packaging Lehman Sales Associates maintains a revolving list of food processing machinery that we both buy and sell. We offer additional services, including brokerage, appraisals, liquidations, and equipment auctions.

This family-owned company handles equipment for poultry processing, packaging, and freezing. Lehman Sales buys, sells, and trades food processing machinery across the poultry industry. We maintain a strong network of buyers and sellers, to afford greater availability of a wider range of poultry processing equipment. These machines may include, but are not limited to: skinners, deboners, fryers, breaders, cutting, and cooking machinery. Our customers are loyal to Lehman Equipment because we have always worked in their best interests. We strive to help poultry processors build and enhance their operations, because safe and efficient production means higher profits and satisfied consumers. Whether you are looking to buy or sell poultry processing equipment, Lehman Sales Associates can guarantee you the greatest options at the best prices—and that’s nothing to squawk at.

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